Today was our first day of soccer camp, and we had a record number of kids! They seemed to have lots of fun and learned a lot from the bible story. There were a few reluctant children, but they warmed up to their coaches pretty quickly. There are several helpers at soccer camp that are not First Temple people: some of them are former campers who are now coaches and some of them are with YWAM (Youth With A Mission)    _MG_8208

We had our first key mishap: cars these days have a keyless remote that turns the car on. You only need the key to turn the car on and then you can walk away. Lydia Brown brought some sandwiches for the youth that were going to help with construction, and then walked away with the key. Luckily, we didn’t turn the car off on the way to Hanover or we would have been in big trouble. Driving down the interstate with no keys in the car is an experience, let me tell you.

Onc_MG_8270e we got to Hanover, we helped the crew out with construction, which involved some painting, sweeping, tree trimming, and weeding. When we were done, we had devotional and then ate a wonderful meal with some of the people from the church (and Oscar the church dog, who goes to church every Sunday).

Thank God for our partnerships that we have worked with and the friendships that we have made. Pray for the energy and patience to make it through the week, and thank God for the number of children at soccer camp and pray that their hearts would be opened this week. We love you church family!