TIMG_4861oday was a day for reunions. There were several former campers that dropped by to say hi, some that helped out and were surprised to see their former coaches. We also had a long-lost person return to the soup kitchen. Praise the Lord!

We also added a few more kids and helpers to soccer camp. Our current count is up to 97 campers! This is a record and we are so happy that we have so many. Please pray for us on Thursday_MG_8357 when we present the gospel, and pray that the kids will listen with their hearts to what we have to say.

We had a few more kids than yesterday at the Piermont VBS, and they enjoyed the bible story for the day. It was interactive, and so theywere required to hide under towels for a portion of the story. Some of them didn’t want to come out at the end!

Our construction team helped out with painting some buildings today, and as Larry Neal said, Richard broke his streak and didn’t spill any paint on himself today (On Monday he dumped a whole bucket of paint on his shoes).

The soup kitchen is carrying on as normal, and the church plant seems to be doing very well there.

Today we also did our annual run to the Chutter’s candy store in Littleton. Some of us spent a little too much on candy, but when theres a 122 foot long candy counter, how can you not? Watching the faces of the children (and some of the adults) was almost more entert_MG_8414aining than the candy store itself.

Tomorrow is another day, and we are ready for it! Please pray for patience and energy as we reach the middle of the week. Also pray for warmth, since we have a cold front coming in and are expecting temperatures in the low sixties. We love you, church family, and are grateful for your prayers while we are away.