_MG_8525Wednesday was a great day, even though it was a little too chilly for our delicate Texas selves. It was around the mid-fifties when we woke up and only got up to around the low sixties for the rest of the day. Even with the chill in the air, we were ready to work.

Soccer camp got off to a great start, and today was _MG_8537the Mugs and Muffins bible study for the moms, where they come and sit and we just talk to them about their faith and their lives. We had a great turnout of eight, and the discussions went strong throughout.


The soup kitchen and Piermont VBS also had a good day, with the soup kitchen cutting up another twenty pounds of onions and helping organize the thrift store across the street. VBS had the same number of kids as the day before, and continued to teach them and have lots of fun.DSCN2846


In the afternoon there were a few side trips, such as blueberry picking oDSCN2830r visiting the Robie farm. The construction crew was stationed in Chelsea, VT and was helping fix a few walls and windows of a restaurant. In fact, the restaurant fed us lunch, even though they are not normally open on Wednesdays. It was a great burger!


We also helped dig up some plants in the public park area, as well as put up netting around some trees so the deer will stop eating the branches. All in all, it was a great day.

Please pray that the kids will listen today as we present the gospel, and please pray for us to stay warm in the cooler temperatures. We love you church family! Thanks for supporting us.