What are Life Groups?

Life groups at First Baptist Church Temple are small groups who meet together weekly. These groups are like a ‘small church within the church.’ These groups meet together for Bible study, fellowship, and encouragement. Life Group members serve through a variety of ministries and conduct mission projects together.

Why should I be a part of a Life Group?

A Life Group is where real, life-enriching relationships are formed and developed. Being part of a Life Group helps you build community with others. Feel free to visit as many Life Groups as you like to find a good fit.

Can I be part of a Life Group & not be a church member?

Yes! In fact, most people who become members of our church are first members of a Life Group. It’s the best to get to know others with similar interest. Just let a Life Group leader know you want to be a part of their group.

How do I find a Life Group?

To find a Life Group for you simply follow the links below to see every Life Group and more information about each. You can also come to the Connection Point in the back of the worship center & we will connect you with a Life Group.